Experienced project management you can rely on.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and innovation with a proven track record of customized integrations with world leading brands.

3C solutions are already integrated with many leading Property Management Systems (PMS), Point of Sale (ePOS) and web shops through our state of the art protocol and Integra payment platform.

Integra provides multiple interface possibilities to easily process card payments. Our experienced, qualified project managers are able to guide and support you through integration projects with a well-defined process:

  • Requirement definition workshop
  • Specifications and SDK are provided
  • Dedicated support and clear instructions for integration development
  • Test environment provided
  • 3C validation and certification of integration
  • Pilot
  • Roll-out (go live) 

We understand the importance of training and that knowledge is critical to success. Our 3C Integra standard training webinar program runs throughout the year for our clients whilst we also offer to conduct personalized training workshops on request.