5 September 2017

3C Payment extends its FEXCO DCC terminal solution into Scandinavia with EVRY Bambora certification

3C Payment is pleased to announce it has extended its Integra terminal solution enabled with FEXCO’s Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) service, into Scandinavian countries thanks to a new certification with Bambora.

3C Payment and Bambora’s mutual Hospitality clients will benefit from a fully integrated, standardized solution which accepts all the major card types in the Scandinavia region. With 3C’s long-standing partnership with FEXCO, the leading global provider of DCC services, the terminal solution allows customers to pay in their preferred currency of choice using Dynamic Currency Conversion.

“Certification of our 3C Integra DCC terminals with Bambora strengthens our product proposition in the Scandinavia region, and offers existing and prospective clients more choice when it comes to DCC acquiring services in those countries.” Damien Estrade, Head of Business Development, 3C Payment.

3C Payment, which recently achieved Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) status of its 3C Integra payment solution, also provides clients with a real-time online portal with a range of centralized transaction reports including a detailed DCC summary.

The first confirmed clients trading with DCC through Bambora went live in August 2017.

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