We Takes Privacy Seriously

Here is our privacy policy for the use of our website. This document is part of our general commitment to GDPR.

Who we are

Pursuant to the regulation of personal data processing, we act as a controller when you visit our website. The related legal entity and website’s editor is: 3C Payment Luxembourg 5-7 rue Léon Laval, L-3372 Luxembourg.

We are declared to the National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD) in Luxembourg and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), in UK, under number ZA242718. 

Scope of the policy  

During your visit on our website, we gather data from you that for some of them may constitute personal data. This policy aims at informing you, in a transparent manner, on how and why we collect and use your data.

It applies to all 3C Payment group websites (including unless otherwise specified. “We”, “us”, “our” refer to 3C Payment group.

How and why we collect data

We may collect information on you in several ways and at different times when you are on our site. Automatically from your browser and device or following a voluntary action from you such as filling an online form.

Via Cookies

Cookies are small text files placed on your device the first time you visit a website. The strictly necessary ones do not require your prior consent. For other types of cookies, we will seek your agreement before you go on navigating. For further information, please refer to our Cookies policy below.

Via web forms

This is the case when you get in touch with us by filling a web form in any of the contact sections or tabs such as: “contact us for more information” about industries, technology and products, “become a partner”, “drop us a line”, “white papers”, etc.

The data gathered in the online forms are recorded in an electronic file managed by Marketing team and Sales department.

Via secured access

When you log in into the Portal or your Resources user account, you have to enter your credentials so that we can identify you and ensure a secured access.

What data we collect

We collect different categories of data from you:

  •    Information on your use of the website (e.g. pages viewed, page visited before navigating to our site).

All information is aggregated data.

  •   Technical and connection information such as IP address, web browser used, user name and customer ID (which is an internal identifying number) to access the Portal if you are an existing customer, identifier to log on to your user account in Resources tab.
  •   Contact details via web forms that are title, name and first name, company name and address, email, phone number, customer ID.
  •   Additionally, if you are an existing customer requiring help via “contact customer support” web form, we will need the identifier (location ID) of the location receiving the services.

Why we collect your data

We gather data from you to enhance your user experience (by easing your navigation), to improve our website by observing how people use it then  upgrade its performances and content, to maintain the site at the highest possible security level; to provide you with the information or document you require, to communicate with you in the context of a current or future business relationship, to send you marketing communications if you had agreed to it.

Legal grounds for processing

We process your data for the purposes stated above based on the following legal grounds:

  •    Our legitimate interest in correctly managing the website including :
    •       Ensure secured access and navigation,
    •       Improve our website,
    •       Provide a friendly user experience.
  •    Our legitimate interest in managing our commercial relationship with visitors:
    •       Answer your requests when you get in touch with us via web forms (e.g. in “Drop us a line”),
    •       See what services and products you are most interested in (e.g. pages viewed),
  •    Contact potential customers who want to enter in a business relationship with us or be informed of products and
       services we offer.
  •     The need to  perform the contract with existing customers including:
    •       Provide you with access to support via connection to the Portal platform,
    •       Inform you about evolutions of solutions and products we offer you,
    •       Respond to your requests and provide customer support.     
  •    Your consent
    •       For cookies,
    •       For receiving commercial communications about events, products, services.
  •    Legal obligation
    •       Keep tracks of above consents.

Sharing or transfer of your data

Be aware that we do not share your data except with the third parties owning and placing on our website some of the cookies we need (e.g. Google analytics). Please read our Cookie policy. We will not, under any circumstances, sell or trade your personal information

However, we may have to share your data within the group from one to another of our European entities in order to perform the contract or for marketing purposes, always in accordance with GDPR.

In addition, we could disclose requested data to an authorised body if required by a legal obligation, following previous notification to you.

How long we keep your data

We keep your data only for the length of time strictly necessary for the intended purpose that is maximum:

  •       1 year (save for exceptions) for technical/automatic/connection data and analysis data. See our Cookies Policy for
  •       30 days after end of relationship for your secured access to the Portal.
  •       3 years from the end of the commercial relationship for data related to marketing use. It can be sooner at your request.
  •       10 years for data related to contract.

For further information about the processing of your data throughout the contract life, please read our general commitment to GDPR.

Security of your data

We have implemented appropriate organizational and technical security measures to protect your data from loss, modification, disclosure or unauthorised access.

Your rights as a data subject

In compliance with GDPR, we have appointed a data protection officer available by email at You can contact him/her for any question regarding your personal data including the exercise of your rights as a data subject.

You can access your data and get a copy of them. You can also ask to correct or remove any information you think inaccurate, to restrict the processing of your data. Should you wish to exercise any of these rights you may write to the aforementioned email address. We shall answer to you within 30 days.

Moreover, you can withdraw your consent to the use of your contact details for marketing communications at any time by writing to

In case you would still unsatisfied with the way we process your data, you can contact/lodge a complaint with the ICO or the CNPD via their websites.




We, 3C Payment (also referred to as “3CP”or “us”) use cookies on our website

This Policy aims at informing you on how and why we use cookies and forms part of our General commitment to GDPR.

1. What cookies are

A cookie is a small text file about your browsing activity placed on your device by a website or app you access for the first time .When you request information from the website/app, this one replies while sending a cookie to your web browser that stores it on your hard drive. The cookie also contains a unique identifier allowing the website to recognise you (your device) every time you visit again and respond better.

2. Who sets them

The cookies can be set by us (first-party cookies) or by third - parties we work with to display some tools or functionalities on the site (third-parties cookies).

3. Why do we use cookies?

We rely on cookies to ease your use of the site and improve your user experience. Thus, the only cookies that we use are strictly necesssary cookies, functional, analytics, advertising and social media ones. Please note that the third parties we work with on the website may use the data collected via the cookies they place for other additional purposes. We suggest you to refer to their policies.

4. Cookies that we use

a. Essential cookies

They are absolutely required for the website basic functionalities. On we use one in order to keep you logged in while you navigate through the pages. Please note that these cookies do not store any personally identifiable information.

You cannot turned this type of cookies off in our preferences setting tool but only in your browser settings. In our system they are to be selected by default. However, once blocked, some parts of the site will not work properly.

The following cookies can be found:

Essential cookies


b. Functional Cookies

They enable the website to provide enhanced functionality. They may be set by us or by third-party providers whose services we have added to our pages. If you do not allow these cookies then some or all of these services may not function properly as for the video media player.

The following cookies can be found:

c. Analytics cookies

They are third-party cookies serving to get information on how the visitors move around the site for example the page viewed, contents clicked on, pages and products most popular. Information collected is aggregated thus anonymized and allow us to count visits and traffic so that we can measure and improve the performance of our site.

To get information these information we use Google analytics, the service of Google that tracks and reports data about the device (including IP address) and the users practices and traffic. Please read more details on their cookies policy hereafter:

The following cookies can be found:

Analytics cookies

d. Advertising cookies

We may present ads to you on sites that are not owned or operated by 3C Payment to promote 3C services or events. By using cookies we can make advertising messages more relevant to you and your interests. They also perform functions like preventing the same ad from continuously re-appearing. These advertisements are solely intended to make you aware of relevant 3C promotions. 3C Payment does not sell your data to any third parties.

The following cookies can be found:

Advertising cookies

e. Social media cookies

Via our website, you can click on links to reach our corporate accounts or pages on social network and media like Linkedin and Twitter.
We recommend you to read the privacy/cookies policies of those third-parties to know how they may use your data.

5. Duration of storage

We keep the cookies only the time necessary for the fulfillment of the announced purpose.
In any case, the maximum retention time is 13 months. A new acceptance process will be submitted to you 12 months after you first visited 3C Payment website.
Please note that some cookies from third-parties are stored longer, please refer to their policy for details.

6. Cookies setting management/ Your cookies preference

a. Disable cookies on our website

You can manage the placement of cookies on your device. As soon as you start to visit our website, a banner proposes you to opt-in via our preferences setting tool. Of course, you will be able to change your choices at any time thereafter.

b. Disable cookies on your browser

To manage your cookies setting, you may choose to act directly on your browser by activating the in-private surfing mode or by configuring your browser preferences to turn the cookies off. Processes differ from a browser to another and are available in their help menu. 

7. Change of this policy

3C Payment reserves the right to make changes of this policy from time to time. You shall regularly consult this page to keep updated.

8. Contact

For any matter regarding your personal data, you can write at





Legal Statement
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Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

R.C.S Luxembourg
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Phone Number
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