Ticketing and offline mobile solutions.

3C provides innovative solutions for transportation cashless payment acceptance including ticket kiosk terminals, mobile ticketing and on-board sales. Our fast, reliable contactless solutions keep passengers on the move.



We recognise the need for passengers to transit quickly while ensuring payment is made with minimum effort. Whether you are looking to deploy self-service kiosks, a tap-and-go card based gate system or an in-app ticket payment solution, 3C is able to support your implementation.

  • EMV self-service kiosk terminals with CHIP&PIN, and CHIP (NoCVM) configuration.
  • Contactless-only readers ideal for cashless ticketing environments and tap-in / tap-out solutions.
  • Online and in-app payments supported with 3D Secure, AVS & CVV fraud protection.
  • Transparent mode for proprietary cards.
  • PCI-PTS 3.x terminal range with full SRED.
  • PA-DSS certified terminal application with Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE).
  • Card and/or transaction tokenization.


On-board sales

In transit, it is not always possible to perform online PIN verification and acceptance where communication links are unreliable; however we are able to support the specialist transaction handling required for these on-board sales. A terminal may be configured to always attempt an online authorization first before instigating an offline authorization or allow a mix of offline and online authorizations according to set rules.

  • The latest web based mPOS capable of integration to iOS, Android and Windows applications with offline transaction processing for on-board sales.
  • Offline cardholder verification checks.
  • The maximum permissible offline transaction value may be defined by scheme, card type and transaction type (contact chip, NFC, mag stripe).
  • The time a terminal is allowed to operate offline and/or number transactions may be limited.
  • PCI-PTS 3.x terminal range with full SRED.
  • PA-DSS certified terminal application with Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE).


Financial Control

As an independent payment service provider we work with many acquirers allowing you the flexibility to compare services and secure best processing rates. Transactions can be tracked, managed and reconciled with local or centralized reporting according to your business hierarchy.

  • Back-Office transaction management.
  • Connections to >50 acquirers with ability to change or use multiple payment processors.
  • Central or local reporting and reconciliation for multiple sites accessible anywhere through our web based tool