Secure, centralized payment management

3C has been providing PCI DSS secure processing of hotel payments for over three decades.  Our impressive list of clients includes the leading global hotel brands where we offer flexible integrated payments with specialist functionality and reporting across multiple channels.

Our terminal solution is PCI Point-to-Point-Encryption (P2PE) validated and provides the most secure and effective solution to protect cardholder data. Furthermore, as you personalize your guest services with digital apps, our universal payment gateway is able to process transactions and tokenize the data for your PMS, thereby also enhancing your PCI security.


Check out the 3C Payment Hospitality solutions in our new video, "Enhancing the Guest Experience"



We support guest bookings through all channels whether online, by phone or in person. Payment can be taken directly or a pre-authorization can be processed to confirm the booking and protect you against no-shows and insufficient funds. Our tokenization service secures the vulnerable card data by replacing it with a unique identifier in the same format useable by your PMS, thereby allowing your staff to retrieve the transaction to top up, complete or cancel a pre-authorization without exposing sensitive information.

  • Online website and in-app payment pre-authorization and acceptance.
  • Telephone and email payment acceptance.
  • Late charge and no show payment functionality.
  • Cross-channel tokenization of sensitive card data for secure handling of pre-authorizations during your guests' stay.
  • Supports Bulk Token Proxy Service (TPS) with Oracle OPERA for fast and secure processing of multiple or batch tokenization.

Check-in and check-out

Whether your guests check-in and check-out at the main reception desk, online or in-app, we provide secure and specialized functionality to support a good experience. Our fully integrated system ensures accurate billing, payment tracking, and back-end financial reconciliation.

  • Integration into all leading PMS & e-POS systems including Oracle partner status.
  • Choice of leading brand fixed and mobile terminal hardware, all certified to latest PCI data security standards.
  • In-app payment capability supports mobile device eCheck-in.
  • Pre-authorization cancellation tool avoids over-commitment of guest payment card funds.
  • Top up & fast track check-out functionality on the original card simplifies the payment experience.
  • Pay in currency of choice with Dynamic Currency Conversion.



We believe that an excellent dining experience should not be compromised by the payment process. By empowering table service with enhanced functionality, your guests can continue to relax and enjoy your hospitality while your operational efficiency is also improved.

  • Pay@Table management of bills enables quick recall of all open tabs.
  • Itemized bill at terminal enhances service and saves time.
  • Split bill capability allows diners to easily share the cost of their meal.
  • Discreet gratuity tip functionality across all devices.
  • The latest mPOS web-based solutions integrated on iOS and/or Android tablet devices for service anywhere.


Other Services

As an independent payment service provider, we work with many acquirers, allowing you the flexibility to compare services and secure the best processing rates. Our clients are all individual and so our solutions are flexible in how they can be deployed. We also offer the following capabilities.

  • Connections to more than 50 acquirers with the ability to change or use multiple payment processors.
  • Self-service kiosk solutions.
  • Ability to support multiple sites and channels with variable front ends through a single central interface.
  • Multi-language support with local service.
  • Local or centralized transaction management and reporting through our web portal.
  • Flexibility for a completely hosted solution or an interface to the on-site server.