Online Payment

3C Online Payments

Our 3C Web2Pay online payment solution has a range of deployment options which are all integral to the 3C Integra platform to give a complete omni-channel experience. Whether deployed as fully secure hosted pages or an integrated API, our online payments transact seamlessly over standard e-commerce, optimized mobile, and in-app checkouts. To ensure maximum security, 3C Web2pay fully supports 3D Secure across Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. With the added benefit of our 3C Vault Tokenization  service, we can support ‘one touch’ check-out, refunds, and reversals, regardless of payment channel.

3C Web2Pay deployment options:


Our fully integrated online payments product allows clients to manage and host card payments and deliver a personalized customer experience. Customers enter their card details on the merchant booking engine or web shop payment page before being passed through to the 3C Integra gateway, where our communication channel is fully secure and encrypts card data in our PCI Tier 1 level environment.

  • Integrates fully into a web shop.

  • Clients maintain control of full customer journey and check-out experience.

  • Customer never leaves the merchant’s website, leading to reduced cart abandonment.

  • Supports in-app payments.

  • Tokenized ‘card on file’ service provides a reusable reference to store card data in a secure hosted environment for added convenience.


3cipage   3C IPAGE

Our fully hosted payment product provides the simplest way to process online payments through a booking engine or web shop. Customers are redirected to the 3C hosted payment page to enter card details, and then directed back again to the merchant’s site to complete the transaction.

  • Payment page hosted by 3C Payment, all managed on the client’s behalf.

  • Reduces PCI scope for added security, as no card data is stored or collected on the website.

  • Page can be customized, including mobile optimization and in-app payments.

  • Flexible integration options depending on requirements, including full redirect or iframe integration.

  • Can be processed via any web device.


3c ilink     3C iLINK

3C iLink provides a convenient way for businesses to offer secure, flexible e-payments through a web link and is perfect for businesses that need to invoice for payments. Payment links can be easily added to invoices, quotes, and booking confirmations, and then sent to customers via email or SMS text message.

  • No website required; simply set up the payment and send through the URL link.

  • Customize payment page with company logo and brand.

  • 3C iLINK can also be used with a 'Pay Now' button that takes customers directly to the secure payment page.

  • Keep track of transactions via our 3C Customer Portal.

  • Create a link that can be used for one single customer only, or select a 'multiple' option so the same link can be sent out to multiple customers at the same time.

  • The payment page is fully hosted by 3C Payment, removing any compliance burden from the client.


3cipay     3C iPAY

3C iPAY is a virtual terminal solution that can be accessed through our secure web portal, allowing for centralized control over refunds and pre-authorization cancellations. This is particularly useful as an “add-on” product for clients with a pre-existing onsite 3C solution.

  • Versatile multi-user terminal with the option of different user permissions.

  • Ideal for call centers and service desks.

  • Email or print confirmation receipts for customers.

  • Can be processed via any web device with a secure internet connection.

  • Web-based reporting with export functionality.

  • Pre-authorization cancellation functionality and refund capability.