Mobile Payments

3C Portable

The 3C mobile payment solution provides enhanced flexibility and mobility for customer transactions. With a range of terminal hardware, communication and integration options the device is the ideal choice for industries where a robust, secure ‘pay on the move’ solution is required. Portable solutions are particularly favoured in Hotel and Food & Beverage industries for a seamless pay at table experience and Retail for personalized service on the shop floor or pop-up environments.

3C Portable features:

  • PCI Point-to-Point-Encryption (P2PE) validated.
  • Equipped with 3C Integra terminal software.
  • Choice of leading brand terminal hardware products.
  • Fully mobile. Accept wireless payments on the go via Wi-Fi.
  • Integrated printer.
  • Docking station for charging.
  • Integrates to PMS & e-POS through Wi-Fi.
  • Security features include the latest PCI PTS 4.x & 5.x standards, SRED & EMVCo certification.
  • Fully contactless enabled as standard supporting the latest in mobile payments including Apple Pay & Android Pay.
  • Multiple languages & DCC supported.

​​​​​​​3C mPOS

Our unique mPOS solution meets the demand for integrated web based payment software for mobile, personalized customer service. 3C mPOS offers the latest slim line, portable PED hardware with Bluetooth connection to our 3C Payment Application that sits on your tablet device alongside your POS or PMS application. It is the perfect fit for industries such as Hotel, Retail, Transport and Car Rental where a fully flexible complete checkout solution is required.

3C mPOS features:

  • 3C mPOS Payment Application available for IOS, Android & Windows.
  • Integration into PMS or e-POS application via our own 3Cxml protocol.
  • Customized integrations to existing and new interfaces can be easily accommodated.
  • All application updates are managed via our own service center.
  • Manages all standard Retail & Hospitality payment flows including pre-auths, top ups, completion, sales, refunds, reversals & DCC.
  • All transactions processed via our own hosted 3C Integra server.
  • Choice of latest market leading mPOS hardware conforming to PCI DSS standards.
  • SRED based devices with full EMV certification.
  • Contactless enabled as standard including Apple Pay & Android Pay.
  • Fallback to swipe and manual PAN key entry.
  • A range of accessories available including stylish tablet holders that allow the mPOS device to easily attach giving complete mobility on a single hardware.

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