East Hertfordshire Council drives growth of cashless payments with 3C Payment Parking solution

The District of East Hertfordshire has a population of approximately 144,000 and covers about 480 square miles on the eastern side of Hertfordshire in the UK. East Hertfordshire Council manages 26 car parks across the region including multi-storey locations. The Council needed to offer an alternative payment method to cash, which would improve efficiency of the payment process for car park users, and be a reliable system to cope with demand. The solution has been installed at East Herts car parks since 2016.

“We have been very happy with the 3C Payment cashless Parking solution at East Hertfordshire Council for the last 3 years. It offers our customers the choice to pay securely by Contactless or Check-in-Checkout across all our car parks.

The Check in-Check out solution is very user-friendly for busy customers who park in our locations every day as it gives them the flexibility to check out and pay when they are ready to do so. Using secure Tokenization from 3C, customers can tap or insert their card again when they leave the car park and the exact amount is authorized for a faster, smoother payment.

Since installing the 3C Payment solution we have seen a rapid change in payment behaviour, with 40% usage now on cards. Our machines don’t supply any change when you pay by cash, so many customers are now switching to the 3C Solution as their preferred method to avoid overpayment.

It’s important for us to remain working with a payment provider like 3C Payment so that we can continue to offer a great service and efficient customer experience in our car parks.”

Sally Andrews, Parking Services Manager, East Hertfordshire Council, UK.

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