3C Payment PMS integration with HotelCube from Proxima Service srl: An Interview with Franco Coppini at First Hotel Malpensa

“The integration between HOTELCUBE and 3C Payment allows us to manage the card numbers provided by the customer making sure that the PMS can perform the preauthorization and the payment transaction without the need for any operator to manually enter them. This is a great advantage for us, because from the booking phase, when the customer provides the card data, the operator no longer has to change the data until the check-out phase. This process is a guarantee in terms of reliability both for us and for the customer."

First Hotel in Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy has been providing hospitality services for airport travellers for nearly 20 years. Conveniently located just 1km from Malpensa airport with a 24 hour shuttle service, restaurant & bar services and corporate meeting room facilities, First Hotel is one of the closest hotels to the airport terminals, and therefore one of the busiest hotels in the area.

The partner integration between HOTELCUBE PMS from Proxima Service and 3C Payment allows hoteliers to simplify payment flows and provide flexibility to guests through various functionalities. This includes Pre-authorization management, partial or full pre-payment with deposit, and options to pay during the guest stay or at check out.

The solution is now live at First Hotel, Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy, and Franco Coppini, the Owner and GM explained how this integration has enhanced the Hotel experience for both staff and guests.

Thanks to the integration between 3C Payment and HOTELCUBE, what are the benefits you are now seeing at First Hotel in terms of reliability and efficiency?

Moreover, if the guest prefers to provide card details during the check-in process instead, we run the payment through the 3C Payment terminal and so at the time of check-out, it is no longer necessary to enter again the data of the card. This reassures both staff and customers, that card details are being managed securely and efficiently.”

How much have You and your staff been involved in the work of integrating the 3C Payment and HotelCube solutions?

“There was no need for our intervention. The payment technology and booking dynamics had already been established by 3C Payment and Proxima Service. This is a considerable advantage for hoteliers because we found ourselves having a complete, reliable and certified solution ready to go!”

Can you tell us the biggest benefit of this integration for First Hotel?

“We have guaranteed rooms! When the reservation arrives via our booking system, we automatically authorize the card entered by the customer. In this way we have the certainty that our guest will show, and the system allows me to verify it quickly and without risk. Guaranteed rooms means guaranteed revenue for our business.”

Any final comments?

“Nowadays, Hoteliers need full integration between their payment system and the property management software. It is essential for PCI Compliance, and for customer satisfaction that we touch the client's money and cards details as little as possible in order to provide a faster, secure and more reliable customer experience.”

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