30 October 2018

Enhance guest experience with DCC Express Checkout

Exchange rates can be difficult to navigate, which is why 3C Payment has developed DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) Express Checkout, transforming the way customers can pay when staying in hotels abroad.

Whilst your customers can currently select DCC at both the pre-authorization stage and checking into a hotel, the option doesn’t carry across if they opt for express checkout when leaving. This means that they will still be charged in the local currency, even if they set their preference to DCC when checking in.

But we’re about to change all of that. We’ve developed a solution which means that if your guests select DCC at check-in, it is also applicable if they choose express checkout when leaving. This will make transactions easier for both the consumer and the hotel, making the payments process simple and seamless.

We have already trialed the solution in Sweden, where we saw a dramatic increase in people opting to pay via DCC – almost double the normal rate, which only emphasizes the influence and importance that DCC has when traveling.

About DCC

DCC is a win-win situation for both hotels and their guests – hotels benefit from gaining revenue from currency conversion, which would usually go to financial institutions, and guests have clarity over how much money they are spending, with no hidden exchange rates waiting for them when they travel back home.

For more information about our DCC Express Checkout solution, please contact Sales@3CPayment.com.

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