3 December 2019

3C Payment support SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children's Villages

Family is an integral part of our DNA here at 3C Payment, and we all share these family values now more than ever, as we grow as a business and support each other every day in our working lives. With all the efforts of Family values, we are able to accomplish great things.

3C Payment is proud today to share details about a new charity project which we are very dedicated to, and which we can all participate in together. In the spirit of family, caring and kindness this Christmas season, we have chosen to support the global association SOS CHILDREN’S VILLAGES to empower communities to protect and take care of children in Kaolack, Senegal.

The project

In Senegal, around 23% of all children between 5 and 14 are involved in labour activities and around 100,000 Senegalese street children are forced to roam the streets, begging for money and food.

SOS Children’s Village has been working in Senegal since the mid-1970s. In the village of Kaolack, located around 200 km of Dakar, the community project targets about 350 vulnerable children, their families and the whole community.

The objective is to create a community capable of addressing children’s vulnerability issues on its own and to establish prevention mechanisms so children may develop in a safe, healthy, protective and supportive environment.

For this, SOS Children’s Villages implements concrete actions: create and support Village Savings & Loans associations, create and support local Child Protection Councils and Child Clubs, Training of all participants in the process in matters of child rights, parenting, hygiene, education, management, accounting.

To actively support these initiatives, 3C Payment as made a donation of €9.200 EUR to the benefit of SOS Children’s Villages.

The donation check has been symbolically presented by our management team to Mrs Glesener,
director of SOS Villages d’Enfants Luxembourg on Thursday 21st November in Leudelange.

Watch the video and meet the people of Kaolack.



Should you wish to know more about the association, and the great work they do to support vulnerable children around the world, please contact our MarCom department.

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