6 November 2017

3C Payment launches 3CTechLab

3C Payment is delighted to announce the launch of its new fintech company 3C TechLab. Based in the vibrant city of Porto 3C TechLab will operate as an agile innovation center of excellence for payment solutions and beyond.

The business will provide 3C Payment with technical nearshore services which in turn will further increase the capacity and speed to market of 3C Payment products. Operating as a separate business but with strategic investment from 3C Payment, 3C TechLab will look to harness the rich pool of creative technical talent available in Porto particularly those with specialist skills in Apple and Android applications.

The investment and commitment from 3C payment into 3C Tech Lab is enforced by the appointment of Tim Goodwin Chief Operating Officer of 3C Payment into the role of Chief Executive Officer for 3C TechLab. Tim will now perform both roles going forward in order to ensure an alignment in both company strategies.

“I am delighted to now officially launch 3C TechLab and open our brand new office in Porto. After visiting the city of Porto a number of times over the years it was clear to me that this was a city rich in technical talent with enormous fintech potential. The last 12 months has seen a material growth in the product range and customer base of 3C Payment. Therefore the requirement to set up an independent entity to support and increase our development capacity became a high priority and Porto provides the perfect location for these services.” – Tim Goodwin Chief Executive Officer 3C TechLab.

To run the business Tiago Lima has been appointed as Managing Director. A native of Porto with previous experience of both working for 3C Payment and running his own company, Tiago brings an energetic start up mentality that will be the foundation of 3C TechLab in addition to local expertise on harnessing the local talent.

“At 3C Tech Lab all of our team have at least one Computer Science master degree and our senior developers are experienced in the IT/Payments industry. We work closely with the local Universities, leveraging some of our Phd developers and yearly boarding trainees to develop an academic project and finish their studies. This relationship helps 3C TechLab to always be on top of the latest methodologies and processes whilst bringing together different generations of IT developers.” – Tiago Lima Managing Director 3C TechLab.


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