23 March 2020

3C Payment announces Bulk Token Proxy Service (TPS) launch across Europe & North America

3C Payment is pleased to announce the successful launch of Bulk Token Proxy Services (TPS) on Oracle OPERA in more than 50 hotels to date across the UK & Europe and North America.

Token Proxy Service (TPS) is an enhancement to the 3C Payment solution with Oracle OPERA, which enables multiple or batch tokenization. TPS provides the capability to process batches of PAN’s grouped into sessions. Large numbers of PANs can be processed very quickly handling multiple PANs per session, with each session being processed in seconds.

TPS offers Hoteliers centralized tokenization via one URL, across multiple hotels in the same hotel group, at the same time. This enables Hotel groups to process very large quantities of tokens with the 3C Bulk TPS Service in a single day. 

Tokenization and TPS allows hotels to track tokens through the PMS to monitor where and how much the guest is spending within the hotel. This enhances the accuracy of building a guest profile to help target personalized goods and services to that guest for added loyalty.

3C Payment has been developing and testing TPS extensively for the last 6 months, so we are delighted that it has been successfully launched to so many Hotel clients. Thanks to TPS, 3C Payment Oracle OPERA users in single properties and large hotel groups will now benefit from the speed and security of this new product to improve hotel operations and increase efficiency.” Paul Holliday, Head of Product Management, 3C Payment.

By using Tokenization, hoteliers substitute payment card data with a unique identifier or token thereby eliminating sensitive payment information from a entering their hotel network. 

When a guest submits card payment details, they are immediately encrypted and transmitted for processing, tokenization, and stored in the 3C Payment PCI Level 1 hosted environment; 3C Vault.

With TPS there is an additional security enhancement which uses client authentication, whereby a unique shared key is utilized which adds an additional layer of protection between endpoints.


To find out more about implementing 3C Payment TPS with Oracle OPERA at your hotel(s) please contact Sales@3Cpayment.com.

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