Food & Beverage

Fast, flexible and reliable

Diners expect quality, service and a great experience, right through to how they pay. Whether you offer a quick Pay@Counter service or full Pay@Table service, using PCI Point-to-Point-Encryption (P2PE) validated terminals, or create new app-based dining experiences, our fast, secure, flexible solutions are a perfect fit for restaurants, coffee shops, and bars.

Superfast payments with Pay@Bar 

With 3C FastPay functionality, customers in busy bar environments benefit from a smoother, faster flow of transaction entry at the point of sale, to help you turn around more customers and increase revenue.

  • A highly efficient speedy consumer journey
  • A single Workstation can connect to multiple PEDs, with Workstation freed up whilst transactions in progress
  • Sends the check balance to relevant bar staff’s PED
  • 3CFastPay button available on the workstation to Suspend & Send
  • Highly configurable to adapt to business needs
  • Compatible with Oracle Simphony 2.7 MR4 interface and above


Enhanced Pay@Table experience

With 3C's specialized restaurant functionality, your staff can operate efficiently while your guests relax and enjoy enhanced table service.

  • Pay@Table management of bills enables quick recall of all open bills.
  • Itemized bill at terminal enhances service and saves time.
  • Split bill capability allows diners to easily share the cost of their meal.
  • Discreet gratuity tip functionality across all devices.
  • The latest mPOS web-based solutions integrated on iOS and/or Android tablet devices for service anywhere.
  • In-app payment supports the latest digital customer experience solutions.


Check out the 3C Payment Pay@Table solution in our video, "Enhancing the Dining Experience"


Quick Service Pay@Counter

Our wide range of flexible deployment options is designed to meet the specific needs of high volume food & beverage outlets.

  • Fully integrated for a fast, efficient and accurate service.
  • A wide range of leading brand contactless enabled terminals.
  • ONLINE PIN for higher value mobile NFC payments, including Apple Pay.
  • Scalable across international company-owned and franchised operations.
  • Offline capability with flexible configurations that allow for continuous trading in the event of a network failure.


Flexible architecture

We take an agile approach to each installation to ensure the best fit possible to meet the needs of your evolving payments strategy.

  • Integration into all leading e-POS systems for seamless transactions.
  • Choice of leading brand terminal hardware, all certified to latest PCI data security standards.
  • Wired Pay@Counter solutions and wireless Pay@Table solutions with flexible deployment and communication methods.
  • Closed loop and loyalty card acceptance easily integrated.
  • Online solutions for pre-orders and deliveries.
  • Self-service kiosk solutions.
  • Ability to support multiple sites and channels with variable front ends through a single central interface.
  • Standardized international infrastructure processed through our state of the art 3C Integra platform
  • Oracle Platinum partner status with OPI v6.2 validated integration.


Financial Control

As an independent payment service provider, we work with many acquirers, allowing you the flexibility to compare services and secure the best processing rates. We keep you trading when connection to central systems is temporarily lost - thereby ensuring business continuity - and allow you to track, manage and reconcile transactions according to your business hierarchy.

  • Offline trading capability keeps you trading when communication links are lost
  • Connections to more than50 acquirers with the ability to change or use multiple payment processors.
  • Central or local reporting and reconciliation for multiple sites accessible anywhere through our web-based tool.