About us

A passion for payment

Our technology makes it convenient and secure for consumers to pay in person  and online with Point-to-Point-Encryption (P2PE) Solutions and specialized EMV tokenized transaction  flows which simplify the payment experience.

Our secure 3C Integra hosted platform  unifies multiple payment channels, allowing merchants to confidently trade cross-border in over 45 countries worldwide with multiple acquirers through a standardized infrastructure integrated into onsite and ERP systems. Full control of transactions can be managed with flexible terminal configuration for online and offline trading and with real-time, local or centralized reporting that is accessible from anywhere through our web portal.

With our team of experts and leading industry insight, we continually strive to improve the customer payment experience. Our function-rich solutions include tokenized pre-authorizations with top-up capability for seamless cross-channel trading and the latest tablet-based mPOS solutions for a personalized service.


  • 47 countries
  • 11,000 customers
  • 24,000 locations
  • 300 million transactions
  • $25 billion processed