What is 3C TechLab? An interview with Managing Director, Tiago Lima

3C Payment has recently announced the launch of 3CTechLab a new fintech company based in the vibrant city of Porto with strategic investment from 3C Payment. Tiago Lima has been appointed Managing Director of the new business which will act as an innovation incubator for both payment and non-payment solutions. As a native of Porto, Tiago brings a wealth of development experience and an energetic start up mentality, which will allow him to harness creative technical talent in the city and grow the business over the coming months.

Tiago explains how the company came about, the benefits it will bring for 3C Payment and the fintech industry, and the key to success in Portugal.

What is the role of 3C TechLab?

“3C TechLab will operate as an agile innovation center of excellence for software solutions within the fintech industry. Our aim is to create a pool of development talent that will be focused on both payments and non-payment related projects.

We have strong links with 3C Payment through their strategic investment in the company, and the appointment of Tim Goodwin as Chief Executive Officer for 3C Techlab, who also holds the position of Chief Operations Officer at 3C Payment.

As such, we are creating fully trained payment experts which 3C Payment can leverage to provide technical nearshore services which will in turn increase the capacity and speed to market of 3C Payment products.”

3C Tech Lab business insight interview Tiago LimaHow long has it taken to launch 3C TechLab?

“The TechLab concept started when I was working in London and I realised the difficulties that SME’s face in the technology sector, namely in hiring talented developers.

3C TechLab started to become a reality after the 3C Payment MBO in 2016, clearly by then our CEO Tim Goodwin saw the potential of Porto and its pool of development resources and challenged me to create a TechLab. By this time, I had already studied Computer Science and Software Engineering at University and worked for many years with the payments industry in development and engineering roles, and set up my own software company, so I felt ready to embrace the challenge.

I collaborated with various teams within 3C Payment over a 12 month period to set up 3C TechLab, and locally here in Porto I’ve fostered new relationships with lawyers, accountants, auditors and recruiters. After the initial ground work was finished, we were up and running and in 12 months hired 20 people.”

Why Porto?

“Porto is a dynamic place, and boasts 4 of the top 5 IT Universities in Portugal with campuses in or around Porto. As a result, the city enjoys a young population, full of creativity and potential, and is also a manageable size to easily meet with partners and clients, with excellent infrastructure to access other markets (namely through Sá Carneiro’s airport).

At 3C TechLab each of our team has at least one Computer Science master degree and all our senior developers are experienced in the IT/Payments industry. We work closely with the local Universities, leveraging Phd developers and yearly boarding trainees to develop an academic project and finish their studies. This relationship helps 3C TechLab to always be on top of the latest methodologies and processes whilst bringing together different generations of IT developers.

We are skilled in java, .net, c++, android, iOS and eftpos emv. and operate using agile principles.”

What kind of projects are you currently working on?

“For now we are focussing on 3C Payment projects. Personally, I love to work with disruptive and innovative solutions!

Current projects include working on the 3CPOS solution for our quick service segment. This includes development work on improving POS performance and multiple language versions. We are also taking on integration support with our integrator partners and web developers for our Web2Pay online payments product and we have a roadmap project to develop an innovative card on file product to enhance multi-channel acceptance.”

What are the key success factors for the team and the company?

“Team success is the primary focus right now. If we have a team that lacks ambition or goals, 3C TechLab won’t succeed. I am certain that with our combination of technical specialist skills and the committed support from 3C Payment we are already on the path to building a successful growth company.”

What is your vision for the future of 3C TechLab?

“We are currently living through a very exciting time within the Fintech industry. New technologies and methodologies such as Blockchain, Digital Wallets, Biometrics and Machine Learning (AI) are now a reality in our industry and it’s our job as innovators to bring to market tangible products which connect the merchant and the end consumer.

We are starting to prepare our world for a millennial generation that manages their payments in a new way. As digital natives, they require a true omnichannel experience, so merchants need to be able to leverage Business Intelligence tools and Data Analysis to drive targeted marketing strategies to meet this demand. 3C TechLab are ready to lead the way in developing and launching these exciting new solutions to the market.”


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