Tokenization allows secure cross-channel payment

Your customers’ payment card data is vulnerable to attack by fraudsters if not adequately secured. Tokenization is a process that substitutes payment card data with a unique identifier or token that appears in the same format, thereby eliminating sensitive payment information from your network while still allowing legacy payment card data fields to be used. This will reduce your PCI DSS scope but still allows information to flow without having to make changes to your systems.


When your customer submits payment card details they are immediately encrypted and transmitted for processing, tokenization and storage in our highly secure PCI level 1 hosted environment. The accept/decline message from the acquirer is passed back to you with the tokenized PAN data for storage in your ERP for future reference, refunds or charge back resolution. The token will retain last 4 digits of the original PAN so that customers can easily be verified.


Our 3C Vault tokenization allows secure cross channel payment flows including pre-authorizations & reversals and supports “one-click” payments to enhance the checkout experience and boost conversion rates. It also facilitates recurring payments.

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