Newcastle City Council selects 3C Cashless Parking Solution

“Implementing the 3C integrated cashless solution in Newcastle provides a really convenient payment experience for car park users” – Russell Nelson


With a population of 285,000 residents in Newcastle upon Tyne, the City Council manages 7,500 parking spaces in various car parks across the city, which includes on-street, off-street and multi-storey locations. With 2 of Newcastle’s multi-storey car parks being so close to all the major shopping areas, transport stations, and Newcastle football ground, the Council needed an efficient & reliable system to cope with demand for card payments.


Improving customer service

By implementing the 3C Payment pay on exit cashless solution through Cale Briparc, Newcastle City Council have now removed the issue of the traditional barrier system. This was preventing the two car parks becoming pay on exit schemes, as a barrier system would have led to too many delays and traffic jams in the city. Russell Nelson, Newcastle City Council’s Business Management Officer, explains:

We wanted to improve the service for car park customers in 2 of our flagship MSCPs to ensure the parking & payment experience was free of constraints and hassle-free. When purchasing a car park ticket, many customers often don’t know how long they need to park for, and find it inconvenient searching for the exact money to pay with. We also needed to modernize our payment methods in order to be competitive.

Under the new 3C payment system, Newcastle City customers are now charged to the exact minute they are parked as customers pay on exit, but also because cashless payments accept 1p and 2p amounts.  

“Getting the tariff charge right was very important. Being able to charge by the minute has seen a huge increase in customer satisfaction. Customers have the freedom to return to the car park when they are ready, and only pay for the exact time used,” continues Russell Nelson.




Implementing the right solution

The new infrastructure to enable card payments had to be a reliable & fully secure system that could settle funds to the council on a daily basis. The payments had to be linked to enforcement officer’s handheld devices, and it had to work so that customers could access and leave the car park without a barrier. Furthermore, it had to be a system that was quick and easy to use for the customer.

Newcastle City Council selected the 3C Check in-Check out parking solution which met all their success criteria and installed 34 machines integrated with Cale Briparc systems in 2 locations. Crucial to the solution is 3C Vault Tokenization. This encrypts the card details in a PCI level 1 hosted environment so that when the customer checks in with their card, the time & tariff is calculated and the stored token can be recalled to charge the customer when they check out.


Cardin Cardout


Moreover, as customers pay on exit, the Council are issuing less Penalty Charge Notices for customers who have overstayed on a pay and display ticket when using coin, which saves on time-consuming administration and fees for Parking Services.

Customer satisfaction is very high because the Check in-Check out system is a much fairer way to charge the cardholder. In such a short space of time, we are already having 1/3 of all transactions at the pay and display machines now being made by card using the 3C solution, and this number continues to grow,” explains Russell Nelson.

Russell will continue to work with 3C Payment to support the roll out of more solutions in other multi-storey car parks and on-street locations in Newcastle, particularly those near hospitals.

“The new parking solution from 3C Payment adds a much more efficient & streamlined process for Parking Services, and the Parking experience for the customer is convenient and fair. Once customers use the Check in-Check out system they want to use it again and again,” concludes Russell Nelson.      


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