Dynamic Currency Conversion transparent exchange rates

Customers paying for goods and services away from home often find it hard to calculate expenditure exchange rates and keep track of their spending. With Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) your payment terminal recognizes foreign Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards immediately and offers your customer the option to pay in their home currency making budgeting easier.

3C works with the leading Dynamic Currency Conversion solution providers to activate this added value service which is available for both transactions made in person and on a website or in-app. Card holders are given the choice whether or not to accept the Dynamic Currency Conversion when making their purchase and have full visibility of the competitive exchange rate.

DCC is not an additional cost; it simply replaces the currency conversion process applied by the card schemes and issuers. This means that as a merchant you benefit from the additional revenue created from the currency conversion instead of the financial institutions. Your customers receive an instant currency conversion making life easier for them while you profit from providing this service: win-win!

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