Secure transactions with P2PE

PCI Point-to-Point-Encryption (P2PE) protects sensitive payment card data from the point that it is read at the terminal and through transit to the payment processor. This prevents fraudsters from being able to steal card data while in transit or storage thereby providing customer peace of mind and reducing the PCI burden on merchants.

There are six control domains for P2PE which together ensure secure terminal key injection, encryption management, transit and decryption of transactions for authorization:

  • Encryption device management
  • Application security
  • Encryption environment
  • Segmentation between encryption and decryption environments
  • Decryption management
  • Cryptographic key operations

All P2PE solutions are certified by an independent assessor and are constantly monitored.

Our solution is PCI Point-to-Point-Encryption (P2PE) ready ensuring that valuable card holder data never enters your network. Each transaction is encrypted at the terminal with a unique key. The data is encrypted before it enters your POS system and transmitted to our secure decryption managed service. The threat of data breach and damage to your brand reputation is diminished. 

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